There are two basic options when installing utility cables and power lines: an aboveground or a below ground conduit system. It is far better to install a below ground conduit system whenever feasible. Following are the top five reasons to choose a below ground system rather than an aboveground system.

Improved Safety

Damaged aboveground systems pose a serious safety risk to anyone who comes in contact with them. Aboveground lines are subject to collapse, meaning they can damage vehicles and buildings and bring injury to bystanders. The dangers posed to anyone who comes across damaged aboveground systems is obvious and can result in serious injury or even death. Anyone who ventures too close is in danger of receiving fatal electric shocks. This is the first and perhaps the most important benefit of a below ground conduit system: If the system is damaged, it does not endanger people or the property around it. It can also be shielded to minimize electromagnetic fields aboveground.

More Protection From Environmental Damage

Unlike aboveground systems which are quite vulnerable to environmental damage, below ground systems are far more protected. Animals, vehicles, weather, falling trees, fires, and heavy snowfall are just some of the many dangers to aboveground systems. A below ground conduit system is protected from all of these. This can reduce the dangers of powerful storms or other hazards that can leave people without energy for extended periods.

Saves Space

Unlike aboveground systems, a below ground conduit system takes up minimal space. This is especially useful in high population areas that need more room for expansion. It also requires less land overall than an aboveground system.

More Environmentally Friendly

Precisely because it takes up far less land and poses fewer dangers to people and animals, a below ground conduit system has less impact on the surrounding environment than an aboveground system. These days, everyone is concerned about the environmental effects of new projects. A below ground conduit system efficiently mitigates many environmental risks.

More Visually Pleasing

No one enjoys a view cluttered by unattractive power lines. These make private properties less aesthetically pleasing and can even interfere with the natural look and feel of public areas like parks or trailways. Aboveground conduit systems can also reduce a property’s curb appeal, and therefore, negatively affect its market value. These problems are avoided when using a below ground conduit system.

Why FRE Composites?

FRE Composites produces a complete line of below ground fibreglass conduit products. These are designed for both EB and DB applications according to both the National Electric Code and the Canadian Electrical Code. Our Below Ground Conduit products are UL-listed and CSA-certified. Our below ground conduit systems are used globally in a range of industries, from telecommunications and power utilities to commercial markets and industrial projects. Our products are a superior, cost-saving, and long-term alternative to PVC, HDPE, and other rigid conduit systems.