Tips That Will Help You To Put A New Garbage Disposal

You would expect your garbage disposal unit to break down with time. The good thing is that you can easily carry out the replacement. This is due to the fact that it does not have hard assembling steps. This article outlines steps that will guide you replace the garbage disposal system.

First and foremost, you should turn off the power connecting to the garbage disposal. Just go to the house main switch box in order to locate the right switch. This will make you get to work at a safe environment.

Secondly, locate where the disposal unit is located. You will be required to open the doors that are beneath your sink. The first thing that will catch your eyes is a large cylindrical object. This is the unit that is up for replacement. Once you locate it, make sure that you locate the gadgets model number. This will assist you to buy the exact gadget.

Go on by removing the discharge tube. The exact pipe is the one running from the disposal side down to the ground plumbing. Make sure that you open the bolts holding the tube. This will free the tube.

The next step should be removing the old disposal. You will get to see a metal ring that has 3 protruding arms. Hold the protrusion with one arm and twist the ring anticlockwise for the unit to dislodge. Place it on a rag in order to keep it from messing the place.

Pulling out the mounting ring should follow. Start by getting rid of the rubber found at the base of the ring. This will make the mountain ring easily slide off. After that loosen the nut joining the rest of the assembly and get to also remove the sink flange. This will make you get to remove the entire system.

Get the new garbage disposal unit. The first step is ensuring that the sink flange is in the right position. Once it is firm, go on to connect the new mounting assembly.

Now go ahead and join the new disposal with the mounting ring. This should be followed by connecting the wires again. Make sure that the discharge pipe fits to its designated place.

Look for any leakages by simply opening the sink tap. Once you have verified that the water is flowing without leaking, it is now safe for you to put the power back on. You can now go ahead and celebrate the fruits of your hard work.
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